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    It is not difficult to understand why our Restaurant fit out Dubai design and build outs have earned honours. We have collaborated with a vast array of clients to design restaurants incorporating value engineering ideas. Our restaurants are designed to let your personnel move swiftly and effortlessly across their office, enabling them to produce results as efficiently as possible.

    We work from the back of the house to the front of the house to ensure that the most critical elements of your restaurant function flawlessly, allowing you and your employees to focus on what you do best: delighting your guests.


    There is much that goes into providing your clients with the ideal outdoor dining experience. Our terrace design and fit out service may assist you in transforming an external area into a seamless extension of your restaurant while complementing the architectural aspects of the building and meeting your specific needs.

    We’ll plan, create, and install everything you require, from initial concepts through lighting, electrics, canopies, and furnishings.



    • Design and branding ideas
    • Outline requirements
    • Accommodations’ schedules
    • Planning strategy
    • Budget plan
    • Procurement choices
    • operational programme
    • Engineering logistics

    Our years of experience in restaurant and bar build-outs have exposed us to virtually everything. We are able to simplify this complicated procedure.


    We provide the following electrical and lighting services to restaurants and bars:

    • installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems.
    • Lighting design, production, installation, and upkeep
    • Electrical restaurant kitchen repairs and maintenance.
    • AV design, installation, and maintenance

    Lighting and electrics are a vital component of our restaurant and bar fit-outs, as they are designed with safety and efficiency in mind. We will manage the entire procedure on your behalf.


    What keeps our clientele coming back to us more than anything else is Our project management service instils trust in even the most intricate construction projects, allowing hotel and leisure firms to dream big.

    From the initial briefing to the final touches, our devoted project managers can oversee the entirety of your bar or restaurant fit out. Our skills and experience keep the process under control.

    Budgeting and Cost Management

    Through design, our goal for every bar and restaurant fit out is to maximise our client’s profit. We will assist you in keeping a tight watch on expenses from the very beginning of the project by analysing your budget plan and discovering the most suitable procurement alternatives.

    Our devoted project managers may assist you throughout the duration of a project, keeping expenses in check and providing you with regular updates on progress.



    Whether you want to have showrooms fit out Dubai in numerous locations or simply one, you must be clear on your brand’s identity and values from the outset in order to accurately represent them through your design, i.e., translate them into the physical structure of your showroom. This will ensure that customers understand who you are, what you stand for, and value your objectives and ideals. Moreover, this would aid in making you memorable.

    Original Cheltenham style

    Working with a delivery partner who shares your brand’s ethos and objectives might help you accomplish this, as you’ll be collaborating with like-minded individuals who comprehend your objectives. This will provide you with the desired peace of mind, as they will adhere to your exact design and budget specifications. If they comprehend you, they will also comprehend your customers better.

    However, there are further factors to consider:

    The usability of your showroom—the demographics of your target market—should have a significant impact on how you fit up your showroom. For example, if your firm caters to parents, there is a good chance that many of them may have a pram. Therefore, you must provide ample space along the aisles for them to manoeuvre so that they do not become trapped. This includes avoiding creating obstructions with displays and stands and ensuring that there is sufficient space for strollers to pass in both directions.

    Customer experience boosting customer journeys – is at the forefront of any company’s thoughts, but how can you do this with your retail space? Consider how to efficiently utilise your showroom space to ensure convenience, comfort, and customer happiness as the first stage. This is exemplified by providing a seating area where consumers may rest or wait while their friends or relatives try on clothing. Alternately, you can build a location that simultaneously displays things and allows clients to interact with and utilise them. This not only allows people to test your products prior to purchase, but it also makes them more memorable.

    • Fixtures and fittings: these should not be rushed, but rather thoroughly considered so that you don’t waste money having them created just to discover that they don’t work for you or your business.
    • Lighting :It is incredible how much lighting can affect the tone, ambience, and overall experience of your showroom. It is simply a matter of ensuring that your lighting design complements your business identification so that it is not forgotten. For instance, if you’re striving for an upscale, regency look, chandeliers and hanging lights might accentuate this motif.
    • If you own many showrooms, you must determine whether you want them to be aesthetically consistent, i.e., have the same layout, design, and colour scheme, or whether you want to adjust each showroom to the demography and demands of the location.
    • If your business was planned and constructed by a competent design firm like Resolution Interiors, you should receive a comprehensive handover once the fit out is complete. This will allow you to inspect the completed showroom to identify any last-minute changes and ensure that your team receives the necessary training for their new space and systems.


    Creating conditions that inspire your employees to achieve

    Our skilled office designers build environments that reinforce your company’s ethos, improve employee well-being, and increase employee output. As the leaders in office fit out interior design in the Dubai, we offer the total package. In addition to creating an initial office space design concept and implementing it through interior fit-out, project management, and office furnishings.

    Concentrate on developing effective solutions

    From original concept to fully-detailed office space design, our designers put your goals into motion, adhering to timetables and financial constraints to ensure a successful project delivery.

    To fully comprehend your business and the issues you confront in the workplace, we immerse ourselves in your environment and work closely with you to determine your specific needs.

    Thus, our concept artists are able to generate office interior design solutions that have an impact on your organisation and the way your employees function.

    Reimagining your workplace

    Everyone must adjust to new methods of working as office layouts continue to evolve. Alongside our designers, our workplace consulting specialists can assist you in moving to new ways of working.

    Our design experts will assist you in reimagining your office, from practical workspace solutions and staff well-being methods to lighting, colour, and furniture.

    With a full-service commercial interiors team, we strive to make your ideas a reality, from office interior design through fit-out, construction, and furniture planning.

    Why pick Office Principles for workplace design?

    Our office designers are among the best in the Dubai, having led high-profile corporate office interior design projects for over 36 years. As a top office design firm, we only deliver work of which we are proud. Due to our expertise in office interior design and commitment to our clients, every office interior design project is delivered flawlessly and to the highest standard.

    With a strong emphasis on people, our workplace designs attract highly competent individuals who are motivated to achieve.